by carnality

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released December 26, 2012



all rights reserved


carnality Rimini, Italy

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Track Name: Exegesis Of A Disaster
Alone in a desolate world
We have built a utopia
Power and happiness,
dreams and ambitions
The rise of a new elite,
the rise of a new order
Only a few have seen
and experienced the truth
dominate the sky
and earth, become god.
need to expand, share
to understand the incomprehensible
those who are blind and fallen.
share a hope for a new ascent
the charme of creation from nothing
the new one gain power
becomes independent and calls
its new glory and power
full of arrogance and haughtiness
Bribery and anachronism
the foundations crumble.
the birth of a new abyss,
a new nonsense
your vanity has led to what?
Looking for a prize
beyond your chances
granted him the forfeited amount
your ruin in the vain hope
not to feel alone
exegesis of your disaster.
Track Name: Dethroned
you built your personal empire
the archetype is your legitimacy
the light of truth your will
the universe does not respond to your orders
the path is traced,
the ruin's approaching
chained down to the
abyss of ignorance
they laugh of your silence,
of your indifference
This is the price of truth
this is the price of wisdom
scorn and loneliness
Universes Collides,dialectic anarchy
Illusion and reality are mixed
the kingdom of your soul
is invaded and corrupted
from the sweet voice of oblivion
What now remains of your being?
Why think, if this leads to ruin?
Wander between half men and half beasts
Dominated by instinct
and slaves of unbridled sexual urges
You have chosen to rise
to sink even deeper.
Nobody ever said you that the deepest shadow
is projected by the sunlight?
Track Name: Nihilism Of The Technique
A gray sky as a frame for the "factory cities"
Ghosts marching proud with their head down
unknown soldiers of the total mobilization
in the battlefields of the war of the titans
The rise of the "type", the fall of the "individual"
Anonymous masse organized nation are easy prey for the technique
Dark technocrats create and manipulate false values
erect the babel called "Public opinion"
Armed with their science they attempt to predict the unpredictable
Speculation ends in themselves
Gender parity only for productive purposes
Equality in falsehood, Annihilation in diversity
It's not the action or the role to give freedom, but only false appearance
prostituted to false needs
without mental discipline, unable to ask questions
The "men of progress" delegated their responses to unknown
the secularized theological concepts are not enough
Unable to identify into "the idea" peoples abandon themselves to egoism
The social contract is torn
The leviathan is dead
The return of the "Homo homini lupus"
Now closed in the enclosure of the nihilism of the technique
The new global order
But not everyone has forgotten....